Essence – Cruelty-free, budget-friendly Cosmetics

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Essence Cosmetics, they’re owned by a German company called Cosnova who also owns Catrice Cosmetics.  Essence offers a small range of budget-friendly products and are sold at, H-E-B and Fred Meyer in the US and Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. I stumbled upon Essence products when I was searching for a cruelty-free replacement for my gel eyeliner. Essence came up in my search on so I decided to give it a shot and boy am I glad I did. I wasn’t expecting much because it was so inexpensive, but after using it the first time I was blown away at the quality of this product, my search was over.  Recently I decided to check out the Essence website just to see if they had any additional products that Ulta didn’t carry. On their home page, I immediately noticed that they advertise their no animal testing policy right on the home page, not like other companies who either bury it in the FAQ section of their website or don’t bother to state anything at all.  

Click on the [more] link and it reads…

HOW AWESOME IS THAT? It’s as if they’re screaming ‘Welcome all cruelty-free cosmetics bargain hunters!!!” Hey, that’s me!!! Of course I had to head straight  over to and see what other cheap Essence goodies I could find to feed my habit. Here’s what I picked up…

Gel Eyeliner – $3.99 – Like I said, this is hands down the best gel eyeliner I’ve tried. It glides on as smooth as can be (perfect for cat eyeliner), the pigmentation is the blackest black and I can put it on my water line and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. Once it sets it stays put!  I’ve been through two jars of this product and it doesn’t dry out, I can use it down to the very end. 

Silky Touch Blush – $2.99 – I like a barely there blush look, so I picked this up in the color “Babydoll” and I’ve worn it every day for a few weeks now.  I hope I did a decent job with the swatch below, I applied it to the back on my hand and hopefully you can tell it has a subtle sheen to it, no sparkles. I love the finish and I love the price even more! The only bummer is they only have 4 shades. I’ll definitely be picking up a few more of these.

Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow – $3.99 – I had my eye on this cream shadow for awhile.  I bought it in the color “Copy Right” and it is a great product. It doesn’t crease and it lasted all day. The color is very similar to MAC’s “Satin Taupe” or theBalm’s “Selfish”.   I applied it to my lid and then used it with my NudeTude palette, it blended beautifully. 

Eyebrow Designer pencil – $1.99 – The brow pencil works perfectly fine for me, very similar to the NYX eyebrow pencil.  My favorite brow pencils are from Anastasia of Beverly Hills s but they’re $22 a pop, so  I’m perfectly happy rotating those with an affordable pencil like this one. It comes with a brow brush on the cap.

“I Love Rock-Gloss” eye liner pencil – $1.99 – The “I Love Rock-Gloss” eyeliner glided on nicely and was highly pigmented, very good for your water line, however when I put it on my top lid it transferred a bit. Which is easily fixable if you set it with shadow, so if  you’re on a budget I’d say pick this up for sure.  It has great pigmentation for a buck ninety-nine! My go to pencil eye liner is Milani’s Metallic eyeliner for $7.50. It’s very similar to Urban Decay’s 24/7 but it’s half the price. Visit my “Swatch Page” to see a pic, Prestige also has a great liner too.

Lip Liner – $1.99 – I picked up a lip liner and was a little disappointed with the color. The liner itself was nice, the texture perfect, creamy but not to soft to where it’s going to bleed on you. It’s a steal for $1.99 and definitely applies nicer than other brands I’ve tried in the same price range.  It was the color that disappointed me, I bought “Soft Berry” and on the website it looked like it was going to be similar to “Plummie” by Jesse’s girl (pinkish red) but instead it was a muddy mauve and doesn’t look nice with my skin tone. They only have 6 shades, I think I should have bought “Red Blush”, which I’ll pick up my next visit to

Check them out here – Essence Cosmetics – or on


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