New Leaping Bunny Approved Companies – June & July 2015


The following cosmetic, personal-care, and household-product companies

are Leaping bunny approved as of June/July 2015.

Dose of Colors
Inspirational and highly pigmented makeup colors for lips, face, and eyes.

Fit Organic
The only USDA Certified Organic brand that provides superior cleaning products.

Los Angeles based brand committed to providing an amazing, colorful variety of bath and beauty products.

Gemstone Organic
A radically holistic skincare company using 100% organic ingredients, including organic essential oils and gemstone essence. Handcrafted to heal skin.

Green Soap Inc
USDA Certified Organic personal care products for mom, baby, and furry members of the family.

A global leader in commercial cleaning solutions, offering a full line of highly effective, eco-friendly and non-toxic products.

Ko & Humble
Provides a thoughtful approach to lovely skin with beautifying oils.

Leland Francis
Earth conscious skin care products free of parabens, preservatives, cheap fillers, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, and synthetic ingredients.

Noni Connection
Family owned and operated business in Hawaii, focused on using the most natural and organic ingredients available.

Pure & Simple LLC
Blending natural plant based ingredients into pure and refreshing personal body care products that heal, protect, and sooth your skin.

Saison Beauty
Saison means season in French; products are specially formulated for each season and skin type to nourish skin throughout the changing seasons.

Sports Research Corporation
Natural products made from pure, nourishing botanicals specifically designed to rejuvenate, restore, and improve the overall look and feel of skin.

Sweet Life Treat
Dedicated to promoting the knowledge of health and self through the use of organic and vegan premium body care treatments.

VERED organic botanicals
Organic skin and body care line integrating therapeutic 100% certified organic essential oils, plant oils, and herbs.

Whish Beauty Products
Indulgent bath and body products made of natural, organic ingredients and perfect for sensitive skin.

William Roam
Combining wholesome ingredients and nourishing extracts to craft the finest hair and body products available.

A Few of My Favorite Things…. #CRUELTYFREE

Hourglass Ambient Bronzing Powder

IMG_0388Color: Luminous Bronze Light

Price: $50 (at Sephora)

I didn’t think I could love anything as much as¬†my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, BUT, I DO!!! I’m not big on heavy contouring and blush, so if you’re like me, you will love this product. ¬†I think my skin looks best with a just a hint of color on my cheeks and a soft highlight (and so does my dude). ¬†My go-to blush is Milani’s Baked Powder Blush in “Luminoso”¬†and on top I use my Ambient Lighting Powder in either “Dim Light” or “Luminous Light”. If I change it up, my husband always notices and will event comment “What did you change? I don’t like that blush.” Yes, he notices….so I typically stick with what works. Until this baby came along….


In the swatch you can see it has a sheer wash of a bronze/gold color with a hint of shimmer. I lightly dust this on my cheeks with a stippling brush and it’s replaced my “Luminoso” blush completely, although you could wear them together if you wanted. ¬†I love these powders because they minimize pores and make my cheeks look like a baby’s butt. ¬†Love this so much and it’s worth every penny!¬†

Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Custom Palette

Price: $35

I love this palette, the color payoff is stellar….and can we talk about this packaging? Adorable! I had seen their eye shadow palettes¬†on¬†Instagram from¬†@ToriBiohazard¬†and wanted one for myself. They had about 5 palettes with pre-set shades and I liked one shade from each of the palettes, so I was stoked when I saw you could make your own custom palette for the same cost as the existing palettes. ¬†I’ve listed the colors below, however they’re in the process of re-vamping their shades and pressing process. The shadows in my palette were all hand pressed so they’re very soft. Once they relaunch, they’re products will (I believe) be machine pressed so they won’t kick up as much powder and/or be so fragile. ¬†Keep an eye out for the new formulations and colors here – Lunatick Cosmetics Labs¬†– I can’t wait to see¬†what’s to come!Image

Colors from left to right: Premonition, Red Rum, Bloody Mary,Pumpkin Queen, Lovelace 

The Charming Frog Handcrafted Soapscharming frog

Price: around $4 and up on Etsy

Oh gosh, I could go on and on about these handmade soaps and how great the customer service is. Not only are these soaps BEA-U-TI-FUL!!!! They’re affordable and the customer service is amazeballs! I found these on Etsy here –¬†The Charming Frog. I picked out a few for myself and a few to give as a gift. ¬†If you know someone who’s an animal lover (if you’re reading this blog, I’m sure you do) check out the collection of wildlife soaps she makes, they are¬†INCREDIBLE! ¬†Now on to the packaging… do you see this? She wraps each individual soap in this adorable wrapping, the picture below is what was contained in the USPS shipping box when I opened it! WOW! I literally said “WOW” out loud. They make the perfect gifts because there’s something for everyone! I’ve placed two other orders already since my initial order.


I¬†just love¬†these angel wings, they sit on my vanity table by my makeup brushes and make my room smell wonderful. ¬†They are a light lavender with and iridescent sheen, just beautiful! If you’re looking to send some a little cheer in the mail, I recommend these!!! Look at the detail of the feathers!IMG_4392

That’s all for now. Sorry for the lack of posts this year, I have new responsibilities at work so I don’t get to sit down and blog as much as I’d like…but I have plenty of cruelty free products I want to share so I’ll most likely do them in this format¬†for the time being.



U.S. Finally Introduces legislation to End Cosmetics #AnimalTesting

Press Released posted by Humane Society International:

#BeCrueltyFree USA Campaign Welcomes Humane Cosmetics Act to End Cosmetics Animal

smart bunnyCongress urged to ban cruel animal testing of cosmetics in the U.S.A.Humane Society International, The Humane Society of the United States, Be Cruelty-Free

Animal testing of cosmetic products and ingredients, and the sale of newly animal-tested cosmetics, would be phased out under proposed legislation introduced in the United States Congress. Passage of the Humane Cosmetics Act would bring the U.S. in line with more than 30 other countries ‚Äď home to more than 1.7 billion consumers ‚Äď that have already implemented similar bans.

The #BeCrueltyFree USA campaign led by The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society Legislative Fund, welcomes the introduction of this bipartisan bill as a key opportunity to rid the United States of cosmetics cruelty. This legislation is sponsored by  U.S. Reps. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., Don Beyer, D-Va., Joe Heck, R-Nev., and Tony Cárdenas, D-Calif.

#BeCrueltyFree is the largest campaign in the world to end cosmetics animal testing, led globally by Humane Society International. Claire Mansfield, HSI‚Äôs #BeCrueltyFree campaigns director, said from London, ‚ÄúTesting cosmetic chemicals for lipstick and shampoo on live animals isn‚Äôt just morally indefensible; it also makes poor scientific sense because these animal tests have never been proven reliable to assure human safety. Hundreds of brands produce cosmetics without harming a single animal, and more than 30 countries globally have already banned such testing, so it‚Äôs time for the United States to catch up and join the #BeCrueltyFree movement.‚ÄĚ

Sign the Global Pledge to Be Cruelty-Free.

U.S. law doesn’t require animal testing for cosmetics, but it doesn’t prohibit it either, so in laboratories around the country, thousands of animals are still suffering and dying to test beauty products and ingredients. Mice, rabbits, rats and guinea pigs have substances forced down their throat, dripped into their eyes, or smeared onto their skin, usually without any pain relief. With the introduction of legislation in Canada last week, and now the U.S., North America is poised to be the next marketplace to end cruelty for cosmetics.

The bill is supported by #BeCrueltyFree celebrities including Kesha, Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Ricky Gervais, alongside more than 140 cosmetics companies such as Lush, Juice Beauty and Jack Black.

Jenna Dewan Tatum, who last year starred in a Hollywood billboard for the #BeCrueltyFree USA campaign (click here for video), said of animal testing: ‚ÄúI truly hope that in this day and age, the United States will follow other amazing countries that have already banned cosmetic testing. We, as a global leader, have not done that yet. That is absolutely disgusting to me.‚ÄĚ

Ricky Gervais said: “I’m delighted to help The Humane Society of the United States‚Äô #BeCrueltyFree USA campaign to end the cruel and outdated practice of testing cosmetics on living animals. Rabbits and rodents forced to endure toxic cosmetics testing in U.S. laboratories have no-one to speak up for them but us. So I urge all Americans to be their voice, support the Humane Cosmetics Act and make the U.S. the next cruelty-free cosmetics zone.‚ÄĚ

Bad Ass Animal Advocate Ricky Gervais


  • Seventy-three percent of American voters are in favor of federal legislation to end animal testing for cosmetics. (2013 poll conducted by Lake Research and commissioned by the #BeCrueltyFree campaign‚Äôs The HSUS and HSLF)
  • More than 600 cruelty-free companies are accredited by the Leaping Bunny standard or recognized by top cruelty-free sites Logical Harmony and My Beauty Bunny. Cruelty-free companies avoid all animal testing by using the thousands of existing, safe cosmetic ingredients combined with available non-animal tests. For our #BeCrueltyFree shopping guide, click here.
  • Check out our #BeCrueltyFree infographic here

Click here to contact your representatives and urge them to support the Humane Cosmetics Act.

Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Peter Dinklage

Paul McCartney

Mayim Bialik

Shop Cruelty Free





Drea de Matteo

Cruelty Free Cosmetics

joss stone

Kunal Nayyar, The Big Bang Theory

#crueltyfree #beauty

#crueltyfree #beauty

Leona Lewis


Sign here and help be a part of the solution to cruel animal tests on animals like the one below

what animal testing looks like

Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes

I recently posted a picture on Instagram of this¬†Beauuuutiful new set of purple brushes I bought¬†from Bdellium Tools. Shortly after, someone asked me¬†for some suggestions on¬†reasonably priced, cruelty free makeup brushes.¬† There was just way to much information to share in the comment section,¬†so I was inspired to give my makeup buddy from Finland a more thorough response in a blog post.¬†I have a comprehensive list on my “Shopping Guide”¬†page that I will insert at the end of this post,¬†but I wanted to give you¬†a short list of my personal favorite¬†budget friendly CF brands. ¬†Here are my tips and suggestions if you’re looking for reasonably priced, cruelty free makeup brushes…..


My Short List

Real Techniques

I love this line, it’s affordable, the bristles are soft and the line is easily accessible at Ulta, Wal-Mart and/or other on-line retailers like Amazon. So no matter where you live, you can probably find these on-line. My favorites are:

  • The Expert Face Brush ¬†I own 3 of these and use them to put on my liquid foundation. (3rd brush from left below)
  • The Contour Brush¬†comes in the core collection set ($17-20 for 4 brushes).I use to set my under eye concealer.¬†(2nd brush from left below)
  • The Base Shadow Brush¬†comes in the Starter set ($13-17 for 5 brushes). I use this daily for blending concealer, but it’s intended use is an eye shadow blending brush, it’s similar in shape to the MAC #217.¬†(5th brush from left below)

You can find “dupes of these brushes on eBay (more on that later) but they are a very affordable, around $15 for as set of 4,¬†so I only mention eBay because they only sell certain brushes individually. ¬†So if there’s a brush you want to repurchase that isn’t sold as a single, eBay would be a great place to turn to. They are only a few dollars per brush. The first and second brushes from left are from eBay, bought them for 2 bucks)


Bdellium Tools

Depending on who you ask I think these brushes are either over hyped or under rated.¬† Bottom line, I love the Bamboo line, these brushes perform well, are affordable and they’re freakin’¬†pretty!!! The Bamboo brushes¬†come in 4 colors Yellow, Green, Pink and the newly released Purple sets! The Purple is only sold in sets and are not sold individually like the Yellow, Green & Pink.¬†I think these brushes are very reasonable for the quality you get, the individual brushes¬†start at $7 (depending on where you buy them on-line, check Amazon or iHerb).

I have a few MAC and Sigma brushes that I purchased before I went cruelty free so I’ve compared¬†them to both brands. ¬†I¬†think if you try to compare them, you might be disappointed¬†because they are not dupes, the brush shapes are somewhat different. Sigma and Mac are closer in shape so I think it’s fair to compare the two, but not the case here. ¬†If you judge these on their own I think you’ll¬†be quite happy with these, I know I am. Bdellium Tools ships internationally. Oh, and by the way, the “B” is silent.ūüôā

photo 3photo 1

Elf Studio Brushes

These get a lot of love and I still think they’re under rated. ¬†If you’re just starting out or on a limited budget, these are a no brainer.¬†The majority of these brushes are only¬†$3, with a few exceptions being $6 and $10. You can¬†also buy¬†as set of 11 for $30. ¬†They’re sold¬†at¬†¬†and¬†Target, however they are starting to pop up in other retail and grocery stores in the US so keep an eye out. They Ship to US & Canada only so you may have to go through eBay or Amazon a pay a few bucks more a brush. My personal favorites are:


Coastal Scents Synthetic Brushes

This is where I started. The first makeup brush I ever bought was from Coastal Scents so they hold a special place in my heart.ūüôā I can’t even count how many brushes I’ve purchased from this company over the years…. So ¬†many that my husband becomes concerned when I pull them all out to wash them and they span the dining room table. In my best Steve Erckle voice I look at him and say “Did I do thaaaat?” (Hee hee). He always asks “Why do you need so many?” I’ll give you my answer in a minute. ¬†Let me just say that if you are looking for affordable brushes you can’t go wrong with Coastal Scents. Their brushes start at around $2-3 and they have synthetic sets in addition to their endless inventory of¬†single brushes. ¬†They ship Internationally¬†and when you receive a package you typically receive free samples and/or and “I LOVE MAKEUP” sticker along with your order. Yay! Oh and I have to mention their single eye shadows, they are great and only $1.99, I use them daily.

coastal scents brushes

eBay Clones

I love trolling eBay for deals on brushes, it’s something I do regularly when I’m lookin’ for a cheap thrill, AKA have put myself on a “no buy” and am ready to break! On eBay you can find dupes for a lot of the popular brush brands like Sigma, and Real Techniques starting at around a dollar with free shipping. ¬†Most of the major brush brands manufacture in China, so the manufacturers will produce ‘clones’ and distribute them for dirt cheap prices. ¬†Two of the brands I have bought and like off of eBay are Jesup and Six Plus, but¬†there are many, many more. ¬†To find them, search “Synthetic makeup brushes” and you’ll have plenty to choose from. ¬†Most of the manufacturers ship worldwide, however be aware that if they ship from China they typically take 3 weeks or so to get to you (if you’re in the US). I’ve done a few blog posts on it I will list them below.

Beauty Bargains 9/12/14

Bargain Alert: Sigma Dupes on eBayebay kabuki sigma dupes


Brush Sets –¬†If you’re starting out you may wan to consider purchasing a set of brushes. That way you’ll have a variety of brushes to work with and then you can decide which brushes you like using, which fit your eye shape and more importantly the ones you don’t use. It may save you money in the long run. Otherwise you might end up with a bunch of brushes you don’t use or need through trial and error. ¬†If I were honest, that’s what I would tell the Mister when he asks me why I have so many brushes. ¬†Instead I say “They get dirty, I need backups” Don’t be like me…get yourself a set and save yourself some money. Here are a few budget friendly sets (at different price ranges) that I recommend:

(1)eBay (2)Coastal Scents (3)BH Cosmetics (4)Nanshy (5&6)Makeup Geek (7)Bdellium Tools (8)Eco Tools

Learn about the shape of your eyes – like I said, if you purchase a set, it typically comes with 2 or more eye¬†brushes which will allow you to determine which brushes fit your eye shape. When I was¬†first starting out with eye shadow I didn’t realize that I had smaller, slightly hooded eyes, which means I should use smaller brushes for eye shadow application. ¬†For years I’d watch makeup tutorials, use the same tools the person in the video was using and couldn’t figure out why I was getting different results….long story short, figure out what works best for you. ¬†Try and find tutorials by people with similar eye shapes and find out what they use, that’s exactly how I learned. Thank you @ThatGirlShaeXO!!!!

Invest in a good blending brush if you like to wear eye shadow РThis is the answer to all your problems. LOL. Finding the right fluffy blending brushes for your eye shape is key. There are plenty of suggestions on YouTube, but again, getting good results depends on finding the right size brush for your eye shape.  Morphe, Elf, Coastal Scents, Real Techniques, Makeup Geek, Crown Brush, Sonia Kashuk (Target), Bdellium Tools and eBay all have budget friendly options.

Downsize – If your brush collection has gotten out of control, think about downsizing your collection and keeping only the brushes you enjoy using. It will make getting ready a lot more efficient, making it easier to find what you need. You can always donate the brushes you don’t use if they’re in good shape. I did this recently and I’m happy I did.

Get organized – I store my brushes in 3 containers on my vanity by category; Blending brushes, Face brushes and ¬†All other. ¬†Depending on how big your collection is, you may want to think about dividing up your stash. ¬†If it’s not that large, then invest in a pretty container for your vanity that you enjoy looking at.

Cleaning your brushes –¬†Best tip I can give you is to SPOT CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES after using them! This keeps them clean and will save you trips to the sink, which means your brush will spend less time in¬†water and probably last you longer.¬† It will also saves you time because you won’t have to haul every single brush you own to the¬†sink at one time, which can be a major production depending on how many you have. ¬†I love¬†using¬†Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner which you can find on Amazon, it’s smells really good and it dries¬†in seconds, I also like¬†Beauty So Clean. I’m sure you can find an DIY recipe on-line as well.¬†Check out this brush cleaning post I did recently (Dupe for Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat)


 My Long List of Cruelty Free Brushes

(Suggestions for every budget)

100% Pure ($6-21)

Alima ($14-17)

Arbonne ($25-38)

Bdellium Tools ($7 & up)bdellium set

Beauty Without Cruelty ($15-30)

BH Cosmetics Synthetic Sets ($8 & up)

BHUMI Brushes ($25-60)

Cate McNabb ($12-25)

City Color Synthetic Set $34City Color

Coastal Scents Synthetic brushes ($3 & up)

Cozzette ($15 & up)

Crown Brush Synthetic brushes ($3.50 & up)


Eco Tools ($4 & up)


Elf Studio Brushes ($3 & up)

Emani ($32 set of 4)

Furless ($12 & up)

It Cosmetics ($24 & up)

Luxie Brushes ($10-18, sets start at $40)Luxie

Makeup Geek ($7 & up, Sets $43-49)

Medusa’s Makeup (Set pf 6 $35)

Modern Minerals ($17-56)

Monave ($9 and up)

Morphe Synthetic Brushes (Set of 10 $40)

Nanshy ($7.50 & up)Nanshy

Nvey ($6 & up)

Philtre ($7-23)

Real Techniques ($6 & up)

Rite Aid Brushes (In store only, $7 & up)Rite Aid

Sedona Lace Vegan Brushes ($14 & up)

Sigma Beauty (Vegan $19 & up, Sets start at $72-178)

Sonia Kashuk ($6 & up at Target)

Stilazzi ($5-20)

Stript ($100 for set of 7 on Amazon)

Sugar Pill ($16-20)

Zoeva Vegan Sets ($60-75)zoeva vegan brush set

I hope you found this helpful.  Thanks for stopping by!


South Korea Plans to Phase Out Animal Testing for Cosmetics

This is pretty incredible news! Cruelty Free International has announced that South Korea is setting a date to phase out the use of animals to test cosmetics and their ingredients by 2017! Korea will be the second country in Asia to work towards eliminating animal testing for cosmetics. You can read the press release below.


Cruelty Free International welcomes date set by Korea to end animal testing for cosmetics

Cruelty Free International has welcomed the imminent launch of a Korean Bill with official support, to end all testing of cosmetics and their ingredients on animals by 2017. This follows extensive negotiations by Cruelty Free International with Ministerial officials, the Food and Drug Administration and Parliamentarians, led by Rep. Jeong-Lim Moon, member of the Health and Welfare Committee, who will present the Bill to implement the proposals during March. If this goes ahead, Korea will be the second country in Asia to set out on the route to completely end animal testing for cosmetics.

Cruelty Free International East Asia Manager, Hyung Ju Lee, said, ‚ÄúI am thrilled Korea has set a concrete date and commitment to ban animal testing for cosmetics ingredients and products following two years of detailed work by Cruelty Free International. I would like to thank all our negotiating partners for working with us in achieving this breakthrough. We look forward to an end to animal suffering for cosmetics in Korea.‚ÄĚ

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive of Cruelty Free International commented, “We are delighted Korea has made the decisive move to ban cruel cosmetics, after years of preparatory work with Cruelty Free International.¬† This is a great start to the new year, and we call on the rest of the world to seize this opportunity to consign animal testing for cosmetics to the global history books.”

Cruelty Free International is the only global campaigning organisation whose sole mission is to bring about an end to the use of animals for cosmetics tests for products and their ingredients. With offices in the UK, US, Brazil and Asia, it works with governments, regulators, companies and partner organizations worldwide and has placed the issue of animal testing on the agenda of many governments for the very first time. Cruelty Free International led the 20-year campaign for the European Union animal cosmetics testing ban in 2013.

To date significant progress has been made around the world, including in Brazil, India, Israel and New Zealand in moving towards the Cruelty Free International goal of a world free of cosmetics tests on animals.

Click here to read the press release on the Cruelty Free International website

Cruelty Free International has the legal, scientific and political expertise to make the whole world cruelty-free. But they need your help to achieve success across the globe. Please sign thier global petitions today.

Beauty Rejects ‚Äď March 2015

These are a few products that just didn’t work for me. ¬†When a product isn’t performing, I generally give it multiple chances and try to use it in alternative ways to see if I get different results…sorry to say, these just flat-out failed for me.

Makeup Removers

In a nutshell, these two products did not¬†remove my eye makeup what so ever. I even start by using cleansing wipes before I wash my face with a cleanser and still these couldn’t get the job done. If you wear eyeliner and mascara, my advice would be to pass on these two brands. ¬†I will say that the Earth Sciences gel formula worked a tad bit better than the Devita formula, but not much. ¬†The Devita formula felt like the consistency of a lotion going on, so I decided to use it to shave my legs until it was gone. A good drug store alternative to these products would be¬†Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Facial Cleanser¬†which runs around $10.

Lip Products

  • JCats Fantabulous Lips– The formula is slippery and greasy,¬†it¬†just slid off my lips.
  • Jesse’s Girl Lipstick ¬†– These are packaged and perform¬†just like the JCats lipsticks, they’re too slippery, no lasting power what so ever.
  • MUA Liquid Lipstick (CVS) – Too drying gave me shrivel lips, it was so bad that I have no desire to try¬†any of their¬†other products in the¬†MUA¬†line from CVS. I hear good things about the UK line though.
  • Wet ‘n Wild Juicy Lip Balm ¬†– This tasted like chemicals and didn’t absorb into my lips, which is probably a good thing. Ew, no, don’t buy this.

Face Products

photo 1This product¬†claims to instantly blur; wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, crows feet, puffiness, imperfections, crepey lips, sagging, uneven texture and signs of fatigue. Basically, it’s promising that it’s a time machine in a bottle, I should have known better. ¬†Honestly I don’t have a lot of wrinkles, but the laundry list of benefit intrigued me. ¬†Well done Physician’s Formula Marketing team, I bought it. This had no coverage what so ever, it dried clear and settled in to the few fine lines I have under my lower lash line. It also bothered my eyes and made them water. It felt like the consistency of a primer, but ¬†with out the benefits of filling in lines and/or pores. ¬†This product does have an SPF 30 in it so I’ll just mix it in with my moisturizer until I’m done with the tube. Not a fan, which is sad, I’ve loved almost everything else I’ve tried from this line.

Eye Products 

mascaraI picked this up because I had heard rave reviews about the Original version of this mascara all over blogs and YouTube. ¬†I bought this (the curling version)¬†¬†when I¬†saw it at¬†CVS on sale,¬†buy-one-get-one-free. ¬†Now I know why, it’s not good. It didn’t hold a curl what so ever. Bummer. ¬†I may still give the original formula a shot at some point because like I said, I love their ¬†products and I’ve tried many of their eye liners, powders, bronzers, blushes, highlighters and they are all top-notch, so two duds isn’t to shabby over all.

Thanks for stopping by, I love that you took the time to read my thoughts!


Kick Ass Lip Pencils #CityColorCosmetics

photo (8)If you haven’t tried City Color Cosmetics lip pencils you should run out and get yourself some. ¬†The quality of these is up there with some of my all time favorite brands like ¬†MAC, Jordana and ColourPop. ¬†They are closer in texture to the original Mac formula, not as firm as Jordana’s, but a little more firm than ColourPop and Urban Decay’s creamy texture.

These are soft enough to wear on their own as a matte lipstick, but not to soft to where you have to sharpen city color lippencils-1them all the time and waste product. ¬†They’re opaque enough to hide any imperfections in your lip line should you have any unevenness (Like I do). So if you need to over draw the lip line a bit or you have a scar, you should be¬†good to go with these!

In addition to their¬†fabulous formula, they also have a fabulous price tag at¬†only $2.99 a piece, however they’re actually¬†on sale now for $1.99¬†(at the¬†time of this post). ¬† I picked up 3 shades and plan on picking up more. The three shades I have (and love) are Orchid, Sangria and vino dupe-currant lip linerCurrant.¬†If you like Mac’s lip pencil in Vino, Currant is almost identical in color and texture.


Thanks for stopping by!